Ralph Brandi, Jr.

Born September 6, 1919, Saginaw, Michigan, USA

Died January 23, 2000, Gladwin, Michigan, USA

Aunt Zina, left, and Ralph Brandi, right, ca. 1921

Aunt Zina and Grandpa, about 1921. I'm told that Aunts Zina and Yola used to torture my grandfather by dressing him up in girl's clothes. This may be evidence.

Ralph Brandi Sr. and Jr., with someone else, unknown, mid- to late-1920s

The boy on the left is Grandpa, the man on the right is his father. I'm not sure who the man in the middle is.

Ralph Brandi, age 15, 1935

Grandpa school picture, taken 1935.

Ralph and Doris Brandi, holding Ralph III, 1941

This is Grandpa and Grandma, and I think they're holding my dad, which places this picture in 1941.

[ Grandpa as a Marine ]

Grandpa joined the Marines in 1944, despite being the father of two young children.

[ Grandpa and friends in Japan ]

Grandpa is on the right, with a couple of his friends somewhere in Japan as part of the occupation force in late 1945 or 1946.

[ He loved his cigars ]

Grandpa chomping on a stogie.

[ Grandpa in a tux ]

He looked pretty good in a tux, eh? I think this was the official photograph from his installation as Master of his lodge.

[ Grandpa showing me and Mom a photo album ]

Grandpa showing me and my mother one of his photo albums at Christmas, 1967. There's a photograph visible, upside-down, in this picture:

[ Close-up, rotated, of the visible photograph from the photo album ]

So I zoomed in on it in the scan and rotated it. Sure enough, I recognized it as one that I have a scan of:

[ Big Grandpa, Grandpa, and Little Grandpa ]

This of my great-grandfather Russell Miller, known as "Big Grandpa", my grandfather, and my other great-grandfather, Ralph Brandi Sr.

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