[ Kino-Eye, taken from Vertov's Man With a Movie Camera ]

Photos taken by Ralph Brandi

Man With a Digital Camera

The photographs here were taken with a Kodak DC-260 digital camera that I bought used from my friend Tom Sundstrom (before October 2003), or with my new toy, a Canon Digital Rebel, purchased in October 2003. Tom took a lot of gorgeous photos with the Kodak. I like to think that he left a few for me to take. (The photo next to this text was not taken by me; it was taken by someone with talent, Mikhail Kaufmann.)

[ Richard Barone's head ignites ]

Spontaneous Human Combustion at The Bongos show, Joe's Pub, NYC, February 17, 2007

Laura and I went to see 1980s independent pop sensations The Bongos at Joe's Pub in Manhattan last weekend. I brought my new Lomo LC-A camera to capture the action. I had no idea how hot the show would get. (New! Added February 21, 2007.)

[ Ghost Bicycle, Houston Street ]

New York City, February 3, 2007

Laura and I went into the city to see Factory Girl, the Edie Sedgwick biopic (don't bother). It was playing at the Angelika Film Center down on Houston. I brought my Holga with me. (New! Added February 13, 2007.)

[ Dead End ]

Lomo Fisheye 2 experiments with cross processing, January, 2007

The other cheap toy camera that Laura gave me for Christmas was a Lomographic Society Fisheye 2. This 35mm camera has a 10mm lens and takes nearly circular photos. A friend suggested shooting on slide film and cross processing in print film chemistry, so I gave it try. These are the results. (New! Added January 30, 2007.)

[ No Super Sale x 9 ]

Campbell's Junction, Lomographic Society Pop 9, December, 2006

Laura bought me a couple of cheap toy cameras for Christmas this year. One of them was the Lomographic Society's Pop 9, a little 35mm pocket camera with nine lenses in a 3x3 matrix. I've been having fun. (New! Added January 21, 2007.)

[ Hyannis Holiday Motel ]

Hyannis Holiday, Hyannis, Massachusetts, November 11, 2006

Laura and I were on Cape Cod last weekend. I took the opportunity to do some exploring.

[ Butcher Shop ]

Campbell's Junction, Belford, New Jersey, April 30, 2006

I took the Diana-F out for a spin at a couple of locations near home so I could get to know it a little better. Not crazy about the results, but there are a few interesting shots.

[ Jungle Gym at the beach ]

Leonardo, New Jersey, April 30, 2006

Leonardo has a beach! More fun with the Diana-F.

[ Sunrise in Wildwood ]

Shot with a Diana-F camera, spring and summer 2005

I got a new toy. Found it for a dollar. Spent a lot more than that on film. Did some experiments.

[ Cement blocks railing, detail ]

4th of February Asbury Park (Grimy), February 4, 2006

Redevelopment, like the future, is here, but it's unevenly distributed. With apologies to The Boss.

[ A swan poking its head above the parapets ]

Black Swans, Sunset Lake, Asbury Park, New Jersey, February 4, 2006

I had a little time to spend with my camera in Asbury Park on a chilly winter's day. This was the nicest thing I saw.

[ Snow falling in our back yard at night ]

Snowstorm, January 22-23, 2005

To make up for our trip to Florida, we decided to actually have winter this year.

[ The Bridge of Lions, downtown St. Augustine, at night ]

St. Augustine, Florida, November 20-27, 2004

Laura and I flew to St. Augustine to visit my parents for the week of Thanksgiving. I shot a lot of photographs. Some of them were even good.(New! Update January 14.)

[ The Grenada Motel ]

Signs of Wildwood, NJ, August, 2004

One evening while we were down the shore in Stone Harbor, Laura and I went out to take photographs of some of the fabled signs in Wildwood, just down the shore.

[ Water framed? ]

Cape May-to-Lewes Ferry (U.S. Route 9), Delaware Bay, August 17, 2004

I've been wanting to take the ferry to Delaware for years. This year, we finally made time. Here are a few shots taken aboard the ferry.

[ Concentric circles -- I could tell you what this is, but that would spoil the surprise ]

Stone Harbor, New Jersey, and surrounding towns, August 2004

August is a great month to go on vacation. We spent the better part of a week down the shore. Some interesting pictures resulted.

[ Reeds in the river ]

26 Things, July, 2004

I participated in the 26 Things photographic scavenger hunt again. The things were tougher this time, but I came out with a few photos I really like, including the one at left of the Navesink River.

[ Twin Lights lighthouse ]

Lensbaby Day 1, July 10, 2004, Middletown and Highlands, New Jersey

A few days ago, I stumbled across the Lensbaby. I wrote about it in my blog, saying I was tempted. Well, I was tempted enough to buy one, and it came today (boy, that was quick). Here are the results from my first attempts to use this oddball lens.

[ Canadian Geese flying away ]

Sandy Hook lighthouse and Fort Hancock, April 30, 2004, Sandy Hook, NJ

Laura and I went out to Sandy Hook after work on Friday to take some photos of the lighthouse and surrounding area.

[ Burlington-Bristol Bridge from underneath ]

New Toy, March 27, 2004, Bristol, PA and Burlington County, NJ

I bought a really nice lens for my Digital Rebel this weekend.

[ Snowstorm! ]

Snow storm, December 5-6, 2003, Middletown, NJ, and aftermath, December 7, Ocean Grove NJ

We didn't get hit all that hard, to be honest, but the big storm of early December left our area looking beautiful.

[ Inside of an old radio ]

26 Things, November, 2003

I participated in the 26 Things photographic scavenger hunt for November, 2003. It was a lot of work, but I'm very happy with the results.

[ Sandy Hook lighthouse ]

Sandy Hook, October 16, 2003

I had a new camera, some time, and an itch to take some pictures at the beach.

[ Cherry blossoms, close up ]

Cherry Blossoms, April 24, 2003

Our entire street is planted with cherry trees. For a brief time every spring, the effect is breathtaking.

[ Snow drifts over Laura's car ]

Presidents' Day Nor'easter, 16-17 February, 2003

We've had bad snowstorms in the past, but not since I got my digital camera. My guess is something like 20 inches, but it's hard to say, since it's drifting all over the place.

[ Welcome to Sunset Driveway ]

Sunset, January 9, 2002

I showed some of my pictures on this page during a job interview. The interviewer wanted to know if I had done any color correction or editing in Photoshop. She didn't believe that sunsets looked like this around here. Nope, this is what they really look like from my office window. No Photoshop manipulation involved.

[ Welcome to Sunset Beach ]

Trip to Wildwood, October 2001

Sunset Beach, Cape May, October 19

We went to Wildwood for the weekend. I brought my cameras. I haven't gotten the film developed yet, so these are just the pick of the pictures I took with the digital camera. The first night, we went out to Sunset Beach in Cape May. The sunset was spectacular.

[ Sunrise ]
Sunrise from the Balcony, Wildwood, October 20

The weather was gorgeous all weekend, high 60s and low 70s. Definitely Indian summer time. Our room was right on the oceanfront. These pictures were taken from the balcony.

[ Stone Harbor toward the bridge ]
Sunset over the bay, Stone Harbor, October 20

Saturday afternoon, we drove into Stone Harbor after walking the length of the (largely deserted) Wildwood boardwalk. (Cape May, by contrast, was packed with people earlier in the afternoon, and most of the hotels there had no vacancies. Most of the hotels in Wildwood were closed for the season.) We just happened to catch Stone Harbor at the right time.

[ Fanning out ]

October 2001

October 6th was a miserable, rainy, overcast day. Those can make for the best sunsets. October 10th was less spectacular, but also nice, especially toward the end of sunset.

[ Duck, duck, duck, GOOSE! ]

Avon-by-the-Sea and Ocean Grove, New Jersey, May 1, 2001

I went to the beach on Tuesday, May 1st; I hadn't gotten laid off the day before, and a good friend had, so I needed to decompress. (New! Posted May 2nd.)

[ sunset in October ]

Fall 2000

Three photographs, one taken from the parking lot at work, the other two from our driveway.

[ The sky on fire at sunset ]

Sunset Shots, December 2000

These shots, taken on two days in December, 2000, are of particularly spectacular sunsets. I thought you had to go out west to see sunsets like this, but our house here seems to get these pretty regularly. It helps that the office window faces west.

[ Mountains that come up from nowhere ]

Scenic Southern Arizona, January, 2001

So we went out west, searching for an even better sunset. Unfortunately, we seemed to hit Tucson during the week they get winter. Even the people of Nogales, Mexico, were hit by the cold and bundled up in their blankets. No pictures of them, though, just of Laura and of the amazing scenery.

[ Snow!  In New Jersey! ]

Snowfall, January, 2001

After a number of years of warm, dry winters, we finally got a winter that looked and felt like winter. This is evidence.

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